Action at a Distance
One Man Up Against the Laws of Physics... and Common Sense

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Ben Wright-Heuman
A3D artist Ben Wright-Heuman, presenting himself on Halloween.
I'm a member of the Kenyon College Class of 2008, double majoring in English and Drama; hence, I rarely have any idea what Gili's talking about in the comic, so I usually draw and keep my mouth shut. And believe me, it is rare for me to shut my mouth, ask anybody.

As for my extracurricular interests (besides drawing, of course), I'm a video gamer. And Nintendo rocks, screw you for saying differently. I'm contemplating a job relating to film, probably film editing, screenwriting, or critiquing. My main diversion, however, is ballroom dance. Because I'm just that cool. Oh, yeah.

Now, a little bit about my cartooning. I've been interested in drawing for years, although I really began to improve after reading some of the Dragonball mangas (I admit it!), I truly felt a level of skill after I took several drawing classes at the Hand Workshop, now known as the Visual Arts Center of Richmond; I owe my instructor, Kirk O'Brien, a great deal. I have since taken more drawing classes at the VACR under Brenda Isenberg. I tried
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getting a number of cartoons published, but was unsuccessful. Upon discovering the true joys of webcomics in 2005, I became determined to draw one; Action at a Distance is my first work.

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